Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I wished I had this instead of my Sprint phone! 

I am doing my best to stay committed to this blog in not just document work I am working on- but all other things I talked about in my first post. Right now, however, I am busy (which is a good thing) at my new workplace in Culver City, CA. I have been trying this week to MTA -in compared to last week where I drove along the Sepulveda Pass from the Valley. One thing I realize is that taking MTA allows me to explore sites of the Fairfax district and Mid&West LA- but DAMN I didn't know the 333 Washington and 780 Rapid buslines where horrendous. In the past two days I had and seen buses delibertely miss stops. These are overly congested line and MTA is definitely dropping the ball with not getting light-rail or subway lines out here soon enough!!

I do plan to do update of DFTC 2008 competition submittal we had- date has passed so now the project can be developed alot better. In the meanwhile, everyone should check out Winy Maas coming to UCLA next week and Benjamin Button giving a lecture at Sci_Arc on the 21st I believe.

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