Saturday, February 21, 2009


a reason to live near Wilshire Center

Home Installation: really?

Well, before I dive into this subject I must mention that I am a big KieranTimberlake fan. More so, I believe that plug- in prefabrication win architecture will probably be re-evaluated in a more critical dialog of not just emergency and sustainable housing but economical housing- which is its current handicap in terms of being a pragmatic architecture.

Lastly, I am currently working on some more images for Design for the Children, even though the competition has passed, and I will be showing a re-visited LA housing project that I will be updated for the boards.

I had recently seen the new mall on Serrano/6th in LA Koretown these past few days- and I got say it looks promising since it includes a Korean based grocery store on the ground floor! Say what you want about the architecture, the program itself can make the Whilshire Cooridor in K-town look more promising. Now you have everything from metro lines/ law university to small clubs/ late night eating- what more can you want!?

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