Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There is a really keen young generation of architects in Japan that is questioning minimal/primal architecture and their endless yet ambiguous possibilities. One notable designer is Sou Fujimoto based in Tokyo. He has recently conducted a workshop at UCLA AUD Program and gave the last lecture of their 2009 - 2010 series entitled 'Primal Future'. He discussed his view of architecture through a comparison of a nest vs a cave. One is designed for a sole function of shelter, made of natural elements retouched by the nest's creator, and for immediate ease of comfort. The other, the cave at this point, can be used for shelter as well, represents natural elements to their fullest, and gradually takes accustomed to get used to in terms of occupation. The cave can be, and has been, adapted through creative usages. Thus, Fujimoto's work is an exploration of both creative usages of users and comfortable functions of spaces. 
There is a great blog that catalogs these concepts explored by Fujimoto, his peers and predecessors by ROLU called White Out by Nic the Intern .

As I recover from my cold, I pondered...
' How many tools do designers need and how many choices do users want?'


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